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:: bygames pure QuakeWorld tournament

  A revisit of the past 6 years of UK QuakeWorld packed into one chaotic weekend

bygames reignites the oldschool uk qw flame, play maps from yesteryears United Kingdom Clan League (UKCL), Modem Clan Wars (MCW) and United Kingdom Quad Frag Fest League (UKQFFL) and the blueyonder Free For All (byffa) in bygames' pure QuakeWorld tournament.

:: news

we have ourselves a winner!

posted by Oppy - 30/03/03

After an intense QuakeWorld-filled weekend the winner of the first bygames pure QuakeWorld tournament has been decided. Congratulations go to reppie and blixem of team "FS" who narrowly beat a very strong "redux" partnership consisting of blitz and corax on the deciding map. Also well played to telly and chad of "Team Chad" who beat grind and nih of team "er" for the 3rd place spot. Last but not least, thanks to everyone for showing up and giving it your best - you are what made this tournament successful. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as the admin team enjoyed theirselves!

The .mvd demos for the finals and all other games can be found at the demo dump

Let us know in #byqw if you are interested in us running another bygames pure QuakeWorld weekend tournament. Also we'd be happy to hear your thoughts on the past weekend and let us know if you would be interested in any other events you feel the UK QW community may be interested in - perhaps a fourth season of the byffa?

signups closed!

posted by Oppy - 28/03/03

The signups for the bygames pure QuakeWorld tournament have now been closed. Thanks to all those who signed up, we'll see you tomorrow and on Sunday.

Please be sure to join #byqw at least 10 minutes before each of your scheduled matches, we will be calling teams to servers from there. Please check the fixtures to see who you are playing where and when.

Thanks for listening, and good luck to all teams!

signups open!

posted by Oppy - 18/03/03

The signups to the bygames pure QuakeWorld tournament which takes place on March 29th and March 30th (just 11 days away!) are now open. When signing up as a 2 player team please be sure to include both player names (no time wasting aliases thanks), both players email addresses and your team name. If you are a lone ranger you can also enter - simply enter your own name/email and we can partner you up with another lone player. Please note that this tournament is on a first come first served basis and we will be prioritising United Kingdom teams due to the nature of this event.

Please be sure to read the rest of this page which hopefully contains all information needed, if you have any comments or queries please email us at

tournament information..

posted by Oppy - 14/03/03

We will be running a 16 team (2 players per team) weekend tournament on March 29th (Saturday) and March 30th (Sunday). The tournament will be structured in two halves, the first being a group stage played on Saturday and the second being a single elimination knockout tournament played on Sunday.

The first half, known as the group stage, will be played as 2v2v2v2 matches - the matches will be allocated by random draw in four stages. The winner of each game receives 4 points, 2nd place receives 3 points, 3rd place receives 2 points and 4th place receives 1 point. These points are then totalled up so we can seed teams for the second half. If teams are tied on score we will use frag difference to decide seed.

In the second half, played as a single elimination knockout structure, we will seed teams and initially play one 2v2v2v2. The top two teams per match then progress and the bottom two will be knocked out. The following games are then played as 2v2 all the way to the final.

Please join #byqw (Quakenet) on the tournament days for latest up-to-date information. This will be the tournaments official channel for the weekend. Note one player per team must be in #byqw ten minutes before their matches start, see rules for information.

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