.. rules ..
Tournament Format:

Its standard double elimination.
You can see the brackets here.
The deadline to play your first round matches by is Monday April 5th 2400 uk time.


Players are required to arrange their matches between themselves.
There will be a deadline by which each round has to be finished. If your unable to contact your opponent or they refuse to schedule the match contact us on irc #trickery.qw as soon as possible. If a match isn't completed by the deadline whoever appeared to try harder to get it played will be given a walkover win. If neither player made any effort, both lose and both are out of the tournament.

Client Settings:

Only the latest versions of mqwcl, fuhquake and qizmo 2.91 allowed.
-ruleset smackdown required.
Clients must pass standard f_version and f_modified checks.
Its the responsibility of the individual players to check their opponents comply *before* the match starts.
77fps maximum.

Match Settings:

Timelimit 10 minutes
Sudden death overtime
No powerups
Discharges on
No fairpacks
Normal qw spawns


Its a UK tournament. Matches are by default played on UK servers but you can play elsewhere if your opponent agrees (they aren't any under obligation to though).


Map pool is DM2, DM4 and DM6. Played in whatever order you and your opponent decide. If your unable to agree, play dm6 first then the loser picks the 2nd map from dm2 and dm4 and then the remaining map is the decider if needed.

Time outs/Crashes:

Once you've started a map if you lag or get a phone call or go blind, whatever, you have to play on unless your oponent agrees to break and restart. If you drop from the server that counts as a win for your opponent unless they agree to a replay. In the event the server itself crashes you'll have to replay the map unless one player had very clearly already won.


Make you sure keep a demo if theres no one else present else theres not much I can do except order the match to be replayed if there any problems. If you have a really 'difficult' opponent you can request an admin.

Reporting Matches:

The winner should either come to #trickery.qw or can email me at dvjl@nildram.co.uk with the result. Screenshots and demos aren't required but we'd really like them where possible.